The Quality Inspection Service 3rd Party

We provide the Quality Inspection Service primarily in Electronic industrial field in Vietnam especial of Incoming Electronic Parts

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Quality Inspection Service Works Through Focus

We focus on Electronic industry, inspecting the Incoming Parts in Mobile, Network, Home and Office Appliance, Automative assembly.

Because we focus, we gained knowledge and experience about industrial working environment, working processes and components. It is an essential and important thing to bring a productivity and efficiency result, The Quality work.

staff informs customer the quality inspection service result

Quality Inspection Service is a Solutions to satisfy your customers

There is no way 100% to stop defective products, but you can satisfy your customers with fast solving action. 

We are here to support you in case inspection needed.





Manage and Operate production line.


Manpower supply

Worker recruitment

Mobile Part

LCD, TSP, PCB, BackGlass, Charger, Camera, …

Network Part

PCB, Wifi device, …

Home Appliance part

LCD & LED TV, Monitor, Projector, …

Electronic Part

PCB, Active and Passive components.

Mechanical Part

Metal Part, Plastic Part, FPC, FFC, Connectors, Cables etc.

Ceiling Fan
Other Parts

Touch Panel, Battery, Keyboard, Remote Control, Speaker, Motors etc

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~10 years operated in Quality Inspection Service with a strong network in the Electronic industrial field.

Fast Action

on-site inspectors within 48 hours

24x7 Support

You can reach us any time

Low Cost

Save your time, save your money